What is Ajaha?

Ajaha is a product development company started in Nellore in the 2015. Running successfully by developing custom-made tailor apps that are useful for the day-to-day market.

 About US

We help our clientele by creating good, honest work that does the job for us.
We are much passionate about what we do. Our 4-D rule talks about the work we do. We are focused in doing that work right and timely and we are handed over by the results.
We understand our clientle need and hence we build a design that is creative solutions which outcomes more than what our clientle has asked.
To us every project is different and unique. We put our hearts to it and deliver with passion and creativity and care, and hence so the clintele remembers us.
We are not smart. But we make sure our work looks smart enough that makes us smart.
If you are looking for any breath-taking project. Give it a try and discuss with us. Give it a try

Meet Our True-Legends

The perfect balance of creativity, technology and common sense.

Karthik Pavan G
Karthik Pavan G
Srinivasu Pemma
Srinivasu Pemma
Suresh Pemma
Prasanna KumarPrasanna Kumar
Sr.Information Technology Specialist